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Einstein Smart Link-Building Tips for High Rankings to Dominate Your Niche

Link building tips


Smart Links

Link building is among the best; if not the best, way a website can improve its rankings. With that being said, creating links may seem like the ultimate waste of time, it most certainly is not. If done smart, link building can give a website amazing visibility and predominate traffic volume on search engine result pages. Higher rankings mean more visitors to your website, and visitors that are more frequent simply means more sales or leads. Here are a few smart link-building tips, along with specific recommendations to help you master every smart link building technique.


Blogging/Posting Weekly


Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Absolutely love fresh unique content for this is the reason why they encourage blog owners and web admins to update their blog regularly (at least once a week). If you want to gain high quality back-links with #1 high rankings, then be sure to produce posts that are well structured and full of rich valuable content every week. Your baby blog will get lots of quality traffic, as long as your posts provide useful information for the audience and are related to your money making niche.


Guest Posting


Guest posting is also a great way of gaining high quality backlinks. When you create a guest post on someone else’s blog, most publishers will permit you to incorporate a bio or footer with a link back to your website. To be on the safe side and make sure your links don’t look manipulated or unnatural; link your name and the url of your blog or website. Don’t link similar descriptive content from the bio of each guest post you create, as that may begin to look manipulative eventually (ex. Keyword stuffing, keyword match, keyword: how to clean).


Include Social Media for Social Signals


Social media sites are great platforms for generating quality back-links with minimum investment. Back-links obtained from social network sites are highly valuable and totally organic. Google has acknowledged that they utilize signals from social network websites when ranking websites. If you need to attract links fast, connect with key influencers in your niche on social media sites. You also need to be more active with your prospects. Be creative when promoting or engaging and put some effort into your brand or affiliate site.


News/Press release


Press releases are also an effective way of gaining back-links. Write press releases and distribute them to thousands of different news websites or pay someone to do it for you like a VA (Virtual assistant or outsource sites like There are a number of free distribution websites out there. However, sending out news release through paid distribution services such as PRWeb or Press Release Monkey can result in hundreds or even thousands of back-links. If you make news releases a regular part of your campaign, you can generate high quality back-links in a short time.


Article marketing


Article marketing provides great benefits to anyone with a blog or website that needs promotion. A successful website owner will use article marketing to generate traffic to their website. Whether you write contents or you hire writers to write for you, the pieces can be submitted to various article directories and this can create powerful results. Uniqueness is what matters these days, so be sure that your article directory submissions are at least 70-100% unique so your link trail is consistent and not duplicated but new and unique. Spinning articles helps tremendously when doing this time consuming task. I just hire others and pay writers. It’s easier, faster, and all I have to do is edit what’s not flowing or sounding right. That’s it! Article marketing is still a very effective link building strategy when going for the gold rankings.


Focus On Links in Your Business Niche


Having a link on the website or blog that has nothing to do with your niche won’t help your link building campaign. Focus on building related links on relevant websites and you’ll prosper. If your niche is social network for instance, and you write one guest blog content that’s published on Social Media Examiner’s site, this content with the link to your site, will be more valuable than hundreds of guest blog articles on other irrelevant and unpopular websites. Now this is just an example of course, but to be actually featured on authority blogs or a popular site like Social Media Examiner takes a lot of fabulous content, reluctant emails, drafts, edits, and proof-readings just to get noticed for one powerful link pointing back to your site. Nevertheless, this link is so worth it, so the point is continue to seek out blogs that have website relevancy and your site will rock.


Have a Heart for Product Reviews


Product reviews are an excellent tactic for building links. Not only do reviews inform the readers, they also can attract quality links. The key is to find experts to do honest unbiased reviews and build links to your site. Hire people that are in the same exact business niche as you. There are many websites and blogs out there, which can review products as well as create links. However, before you hire any of them, to ensure that they have the authority recognized from a good amount of people to speak like experts at what they’re reviewing, you can determine this by seeing the sites social signals, comments, discussions, and video views. This will give you a good idea if they are somewhat of an authority.


Social Bookmarking for More Links


Considering that social bookmarking was first developed to assist internet users to manage their bookmarks online instead of saving them to their PCs, it has become a popular way of creating links. There’s so many bookmarking websites out there today and I wouldn’t recommend that you join all of them, it is vital to join a few if you’re building additional back-links to your website. One benefit of these websites lies in their ability to build deep-links to your website, which can help to improve the rankings of your page dramatically. Also by paying for these erroneous tasks to be done can help too and leave you more time for more important tasks and god-time spent.

The more links you build that lead visitors to your website, the more traffic you would be able to generate. There’s no such thing as lots of back-links. If you have outgoing links, your website will be able to rank better on search engines. The above link building tips will certainly provide you huge benefits.



5 Outsourcing Ideas for Affiliates to Strengthen Their Online Marketing Strategies

online marketing strategies

Outsource with these tips

Online marketing is the easiest method of promotion available in today’s world. Everyone has gone digital these days and it is hard to find a home that does not contain one or the other devices that helps to connect to the internet. In order to market a product or service, affiliates no longer depend on spam sites across the web alone but have to depend on online marketing strategies that will strengthen their results. This is not because people no longer use the old school outsourcing methods.


Most of the people who buy are now glued on to various gadgets ranging from mobile phones to tablets and the easiest way to grab the attention of the people is by promoting products online quickly and efficiently. You might feel that online marketing is quite easy because you can easily reach out to the people through the immensely popular social networking websites, seo, and more. You need to be cautious however, while you select the path in order to enjoy maximum results. There are different ways by which affiliates strengthen their online marketing strategies. Let us take a look at the 5 strongest ways that need to be considered.


1. Use for images for your affiliate sites


Choose the photos you need

When you need images for your affiliate websites, you will definitely browse through the internet with the help of various search engines. It is true that you will come across various images for each keyword that you type in on the search box. However, do you think all these pictures you come across searching can be used without any hassle? Most of the pictures displayed will be subject to copyright by the owner. You will not be able to post it on your websites or else you will have to face vital consequences. You can however implement pictures that you choose from The website offers images at a standard rate depending on the size of the picture required. You can find perfect size photos with excellent resolution from a wide variety of pictures and industries for only a $1.  This will help you to use images meeting all the project requirements.


2. Get articles written for your affiliate sites at and


iwriter takes credits minimum 10

Articles are essential in order to do online marketing effectively. The quality of content that is used in your pages is also very important when it comes to attaining good ranking from search engines. If you get articles written from and, you will be able to enjoy minimum guarantees. There are quite a lot of writers available round the clock on both these websites. On you will be able to check the articles written by them and make sure you are happy with it before making any payments. Paying for work requested requires at least a minimum $10 for 10 credits then you can order. With 10


Epicwrite takes credits too minimum is 1

credits you can get 2 articles or one really good one it’s your choice. On you give details then wait about 4-6 days depending on writing package chosen. With epicwrite you can send back revisions at your

liking, but you won’t see the final product until they finish. These two content writing sites get the job done fast and are the easiest ways to get articles done fulfilling your outsourcing needs.

3. Use for SEO projects to complete such as banners, research, social media stuff, and much more


fiverr gets the job done for $5

Search engine optimization is very important in order to drive traffic to your website. However good, your page is, you need to make sure that search engines display your address in the search results in order to gain the attention of users. To make this task easy use the services offered by With the help of research for guest blogs, blog comment sites, commenting, rss submissions, mass submissions and social media support, your website address will gain fame within a very short period of time. Implement fiverr strategies for affiliate success.


4. Have tech support available when needed for your site. Programmers are available through odesk, elance, fiverr, and many others.

You will come across different issues while running a website. There might be problems related to high traffic and server issues. You might also find problems like page loading issues and other technical errors. It’s best to make sure that any such problem is resolved within a matter of time. If the problem persists it will adversely affect the popularity of your page. Hiring experts from your area might mean heavy expenditure. The easiest and strongest method is to hire technical experts from websites like Odesk, freelancer, Elance and Fiverr. These websites offer you technical help at affordable rates.


5. To boost link authority and rankings use a quality software submitter like Unique article wizard, SEO Nuke, Magic Submitter, etc

unique article wizard

UAW submits links for you

The effective use of back links is a great way of improving the ranks of your website. Earlier days saw the immense popularity of BMR to get this task done easily. BMR, the abbreviation for Build My Rank, was a popular website where users could create accounts and submit short articles that contained back links to their websites. When this was done, the ranks of their websites improved very quickly and it helped many websites to improve their ranking. After a while, the major search engines started de-indexing the links created by this provider and hence it can no longer be used to improve your web ranks. You can instead use a quality software submitter like Unique article wizard, SEO Nuke or Magic Submitter to enhance your online marketing strategies. Of course only use these tools safely by submitting anchor links back to web 2.0, article directories, and social bookmarking sites to guard you money sites.

In conclusion

In the end, the importance of getting things done for your business is the priority so knowing where to go can create an easier workflow for yourself and allow you to keep building and scaling your money site. These very effective outsourcing tips will help you pull rank faster than before. Managing your affiliate sites can be pains in the rear if you do all of the work by yourself, but if you provide great detailed project requirements that are easy for freelancers to follow and understand than your business is having a snowball effect. Focus on the business with the budget you can afford and keep posting by outsourcing the smart way.

Thanks for reading






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How Mobile Devices Are Quickly Taking Up Our Time Daily Resulting in Purchases in The Morning, Evening, and Weekends

Spending time in front of our mobile devices is now

Everywhere we go; someone is watching a video, engaging with a mobile ad, or buying something from their mobile device. Why is this so? It’s safe to say that tablets, iPods, mobile devices, and computers are amongst the most watched aside from the TV. Unless the TV may possibly be an Internet TV, right? “Now we’re talking.” The most preferred way to view videos and use the net overall is still from desktop Internet usage. For some pioneer publishers, sales and traffic hails from mobile devices unsurprisingly.


The Guardian’s Anthony Sullivan claims 35% of Guardian Core products overall traffic contributes from both smartphones and tablets. In their case the many visitors would visit their site from mobile devices in the morning between the times of 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., including Saturdays around 3pm. These trends show how substantial mobile visits occur over desktop traffic these days. Not only this company, but many big and small companies can verify the same type of visitor traffic data. It’s not hard to tell viewers, onlooker’s, and customers alike pick up their mobile device to search and find what their looking for from the palm of their hand.


Similar to Guardian’s, online design store released last month that mobile sales contributed on Saturdays from the times of 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. local time, over 50% of sales come from handheld mobile devices. For some peculiar reason customers care to shop on the weekend on their spare time ritually. Regardless of the early numbers and these assets, CEO and co-founder Jason Goldberg, however, said based on the firm progression of mobile sales he believes that mobile sales will soon surpass desktop sales. Mr. Goldberg suggests very soon this will happen. Presently, 33% of Fab’s transactions are contributed from mobile phones.


Increasingly more and more usage

The figures highlight why mobile is so authoritative. This also reveals the nonstop landscape of computing these days. The truth is nowadays we are regularly on the computer throughout the day, swapping back and forth amongst devices finalizing tasks and selecting different settings. Mobile devices make life easy when searching for the information you need and want, when getting in front of a laptop or desktop is extra difficult. Plus early dawns, in the course of lunch, as we get comfortable for the nightfall and throughout the weekends seems to be the times users start computing away.


I can relate to these properties running my life. My first 25-35 minutes in the a.m. are spent checking out tweets, posts, and shared items. Emails and searching websites from my couch on my iPod 5th generation illustrates me before jumping on my desktop early afternoon. My pops spends most of his time in front of his laptop except when on the go or at times like lunch when he’s on his mobile HTC computing away. As the night falls I pick up my 5th generation iPod for peace of mind. On Saturday and Sunday, I’m on my iPad mini and smartphone unless work calls for duty.


Steve Jobs knew back then

America is showing signs of mobile usage during the day and late at night. When prime-time TV is on, the usage lowers. Perhaps mobile devices are slowing taking over the world, until then computers still have a place. Everyone is fulfilling Steve Jobs dream by using more mobile time to make the day pass by. Even though computers’ will still be the way to computing tasks, they will be viewed as old trucks surprisingly surpassed by perfect size handheld mobile devices conveniently getting more done. We’ll still need a powerful supercomputer for labor, thicker study, and content creation. But the rest of our increasing computing time is going to be busy with mobile devices.

mobile devices



Get Your Website Crawled Immediately by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Every Search Engine


Don’t Fear the “G”

Calling all niche sites, small business, ecommerce, and corporate sites – if you want your website content to be crawled and indexed quickly so people can find your brand, then follow these seven emarketing strategies accordingly.

Don’t ignore the importance of your website visibility especially early on. The most important steps to marketing your website quickly and effectively are explained below, so get your sticky notes app up and ready!


Below here contains powerful emarketing strategies for fast website index

Today we’re going to discuss some powerful emarketing strategies for attaining faster website index.

  • Fresh content to feed spiders immediately
  • Commenting on popular forums and blogs
  • Pinging your site
  • On page optimization
  • P.A.D (Acronyms from Super Affiliates James and Arlene Martell)
  • Article submissions
  • Social networking and the power of social media

First things first, here are some strategies to consider:

First, a major importance for fast index within the search engines is to make sure you are performing deep link building in addition to building links for your homepage. This is a must, the deeper the pages and posts the higher quality back links you are building. It is important to build links to all the content pages on your website, not just the homepage; so don’t ignore this link building action.


For example:

-Build links to all pages of content including the homepage

Good Link Building Practices

Use – (not just your homepage URL)

Use – (build links to these pages as well)

Second, be sure to observe your growth as you procure new pages indexed. You can track these efforts by using Google Webmaster Tools (analytics) and Bing Webmaster Tools for your website. Thank God both webmaster programs are free of charge and user friendly. If you have F.A.Q’s about how Google search indexes websites refer to their help centers.


Have Fresh Content to Feed the Spiders

As a publisher you have to thoughtfully think about your content, because as a publisher this is your job.What happens to a magazine if it stops the content distribution?  The magazine dies right? Similar to magazines constant content distribution on your websites is the powerful engine that keeps readers and search engines coming back. Fresh content consists of updating your website consistently and often. This is an important factor for acquiring new and faster page indexing. The less often you update your website the less often the search engines crawl your site for content. If you keep fresh content coming week by week even day by day; the search engines will get the impression your website delivers fresh up-to-date material and they’ll keep coming back for more.

As a publisher, small business and or blogger, ranking your blogs very well in the search engines requires new pages to be updated and indexed. For best use and faster index, build your website with a powerful publishing engine like WordPress instead of a traditional static site that is coded in only HTML and CSS. Using traditional websites with new pages have a tendency to take longer getting indexed as opposed to blog posts, so there are challenges to feed fresh content to the spiders crawling.

A rule of thumb is to not update any pages to your website without them being finished. Stay away from this poor method so search engines won’t consider your website pages as poor quality content.


Comment on Popular Forums and Blogs in Niche

Power blogs and forums with an active audience are suitable for fresh content delivery so search engines can crawl them regularly. Depending on the niche, by leaving comments and appropriate links on these niche blogs and popular forums you can gain good exposure from their high status and get your pages indexed rapidly.

You can find the blogs you’re looking for by simply typing in the “keyword” in Google, with the word “blog” included.  You can also use “Advanced Search Settings” to look too.

Do your best to comment on current posts. This means that if there are other admins practicing the same way, it doesn’t mean that your link will be diluted; although it’s superior to comment first, instead of last. For best practice leave your comments on blogs with a “most recent comments” plugin. The reason behind this is because the “most recent comments” section will show up on every page thus presenting more than one page (until your comment falls off the list).

Leaving comments is a very dynamic way of receiving new pages indexed quickly – as said before; use deep linking pages URL’s – not just the homepage of your website. This is a representation of deep link building by way of commenting and interacting with other power blogs and forums.


Pinging Your Website or Blog

Pinging has advanced to the point where everybody can use it to keep informed not just blogs, but old-fashioned websites too.

Pinging a website is a worthwhile plan to help alert search engines and directories for recognizing your content.

Here are some top notch website pinging services online. There are many website pinging services available online, just look. A number of the best consist of:


If you are confused, you can always type pinging in the search engine box to learn more.

Just go to a ping service website – in this case, we are going to use


According to Mark Ling’s instructions do the following:

Add your website information to the ‘Blog name’, ‘Blog URL’, and ‘XML Feed’ fields (do not fear if you don’t have a blog, you can use a static website too. Furthermore, if the XML Feed preference is complicated for you just leave it blank) in a few simple steps.


The next step is to select the services you want to ping. Just click ‘General’ and the whole group will be auto-filled for you, as in the sample below.

Scroll below the fold and click the ‘Go Pingoat!” button link – the Pingoat system will automatically do the rest.

Both services and search engines will receive the updated fresh content coming from your blog or website, and will crawl and index your new pages.

Thanks to Affilorama, they show you exactly why you should ping your site. This is a valuable blog post about why people need to ping their site. Furthermore the post describes how pinging works in depth.


Here are some more up-to-date techniques to help you get indexed:

On Page Optimization

Google and other search engines love when websites contain an internal linking structure. This internal linking is useful if you desire new pages from an existing website to be crawled and indexed fast. You can easily do this by naturally including an anchor link in a current post within the content indexed page.

Don’t forget about your ‘Deep linking’ strategy for new pages on your website. Building back links to new pages increases your search engine rankings within all the major search engines. Back link building consists of website and article submissions, social networks, pings, rss feeds, and article distribution on other sites (there’s plenty more link building activities, but this is just a tip of the iceberg).  So by building internal and external links on your website you increase your chances of your website or blog being indexed faster in the search engines, thus having higher PR (page rank) within Google. Consider on page internal link building as a way of alerting the search engines about existing new content on your site on time.


P.A.D (Professional Article Distribution)

This is a powerful technique for websites and blogs that requires one web admin or writer to seek out other sites to write for, in exchange of placing a few anchor links within the post. P.A.D can help build your links externally while boosting PR and indexing your website faster. The best way to perform effective professional article distribution is to seek out other websites that are in the same niche as you, not a competitor but an ally. Contact the web administrator and send a message that praises their site, explains the purpose for reaching out, how they can choose the topics to write on, and ask to be a writer for them in exchange for back links to your site.

If you’re persuasive enough, the web admin should let you write a post for their website that is on topic and relevant to their site. Make sure to ask if you can insert at least two anchor links (possibly even three) one pointing back to a new page on your site, maybe one reference link, or both pointing back to your site (however you want to do it). If you need help with asking for article distribution and exchanging links from another web admin just Google keywords such as ‘write articles on other sites’, ‘email web admin for guest blogging’, or ‘email to send web admin for article’.

These keyword examples are to show you how to seek out the best way possible for asking another web admin if you can write posts on their website in exchange for a few anchor links pointing back to your site. You can either hire someone to seek out the websites, emails, and web admin names in your niche or you can do it yourself. If you do hire people, its best to use sites such as,,,, and many others.


Submitting Articles

An article submission is one of the foundational techniques to build back-links to your site. By doing article submissions you are spending valuable time on generating high quality back-links; also because they are in easy reach for getting new pages or websites indexed.

Article directories can be a very busy place considering all of the article submissions they receive on a daily. Because it’s very busy, new content will be indexed promptly by the search engine spiders. By including an anchor link in your resource box or footer of the article, this anchor link will be crawled fairly quickly.


Social Networking and the Power of Social Media

By submitting new content to multiple social networks your sites will also get indexed fast. Don’t be a spammer though, and always check the social networks guidelines for use. This is good practice to use social bookmarking and social media submission services like OnlyWire so your new content can be indexed fast. There are numerous social networks (and you’ll probably only use a few). Find the social networks that fit your marketing forte, but some you may know already are:

  • Link sharing sites like, and
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • StumbleUpon
  • Facebook
  • And many more


A white hat speedy way to get content indexed is to submit your new website or pages to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, StubleUpon, Reddit etc. The social media world is bigger than what you think, and the people who visit these networks come together to share, discuss, and casually comment on the most interesting material found online. Also researching social media trends can help scale a social media campaign.

Your links submitted to these social networks will get crawled and indexed quickly with the power of social media marketing. It only makes sense to put your website pages in front of more eyeballs daily; by doing this you will create massive momentum for super traffic.

Twitter is a great place to post links especially if you have a good following. Use hash tags (#) to join conversations about the topic of the page. Search engines love twitter and will index your pages fast. Easy traffic is what you want, so incorporate social media marketing when submitting links.


Make it a habit to integrate with Facebook in a similar fashion – stay fresh updating consistently, and contain a link to your site or page.


Here is a rapid summary of seven fast action techniques for getting pages indexed quickly:

  • Produce up-to-date fresh website content, this will recall search engine spiders return.
  • Comment and participate on popular blogs and forums in your niche – keep an eye out for blogs that have a ‘most recent comments’ element.
  • Pinging your website is the way to go each and every time you generate new pages or content.
  • On-page optimization is what Google loves- link from pre-existing pages on your website to new ones.
  • P.A.D means to reach out to other website admins to write articles for them in exchange for anchor links published on their website which helps speed up your website index
  • Article submissions to high traffic article directories such as Ezinearticles and others is a great method to reach visitors and get indexed fast.
  • Social networking and using the power of social media for expanding a brand and figuring out how to communicate with your market.


The upcoming posts are detrimental to your online marketing success. Reading is believing, be sure to implement these proven white hat strategies and indexing tips to watch your rankings blast off! Thanks for reading.


Best regards ‘wishing you greatness’,
Brandon V. Espinoza

Sources: Mark Ling’s and James and Arlene Martell’s Affiliate Buzz

The Basics of Using StumbleUpon Emarketing Tips

Use StumbleUpon The Right Way

If your campaign is lacking link authority, consider StumbleUpon for marketing and exposure to a large targeted community. This large aggregate of awesome websites shared by users contains connections, comments, interests, channels, shares, and more.
On StumbleUpon you have the ability to stumble upon websites and users who have shared other website links or their own content and webpages on their profile page. Simply click the Stumble button on the left hand top of your screen.

SU toolbar

This site is in the best social media platforms for local business category.

The moment a user logs in to the StumbleUpon homepage, the user is required to choose at least five interests of choice from a very long list. Just like Facebook, you can “Like” the page on StumbleUpon (just like sharing a link on Facebook) to attract favoritism, more eyeballs, and top page votes that will help capitalize on top StumbleUpon rankings. By doing this you will show up repeatedly on the StumbleUpon website.

StumbleUpon Discover Interests


The SU community loves “Wow!” factor content.

A best practice is to join the community just like Digg, listen to the audience, and see how it works. Adding rich media such as audio/visual attention-grabbing content, and flash pages will gain followers, watchers, subscribers or purchasers rapidly.


Here’s a short list of best practices when using StumbleUpon


Share Links With Friends:

Similar to tweeting on twitter. Be sure to share cool and exciting links you found and share your own content at a rate of 5 to 10%, or maybe 1 to 3 times per week. Shape your status, as someone who sends useful, fun interesting links and occasional links to your site will gain respectable trustworthiness.


Be a Positive Stumbler:

Show commitment and be dedicated to the SU community. Share things that are nice and appropriate, stumbler’s will automatically have interest in your shared content so share without expecting a thing.


Don’t Sell on SU:

No one online likes to be marketed products and services. Engage with a “soft sell approach”. People of the community love hearing about interesting sites that offer value or bonuses that can help them in one way or the other. Have a conversation about your products and services it’s benefits, not asking or pushing for the sale. In return those who have interests will search your site to learn more and may possibly be potential clients or customers.


Provide Useful Rich Media Sites:

The SU community enjoys rich media content related to news, information, or products and services that stand-out without the snake salesman hype context. Offer killer bonuses and value from your well-informed sites that is useful to the SU community.


Use Tags Accordingly:

Tags should be used to specify areas of interest. Keyword stuffing tags in areas of importance where they shouldn’t be is a sure way to diminish your reputation, so stay away from doing that. In addition, enter tags that are appropriate for the targeted demographic the product or service is for. There’s no need for making a tag factory.


In a nutshell, StumbleUpon’s community of involved and active user’s live to discover cool content, share it, and rave about it! Powerful content and rich media that you can’t find anywhere else drives the unique community. The best advantage is that the content is relevant to the user’s interests and passions. I hope this post helps you tap into this social networks eager audience more effectively.


Work Smarter, Not Harder


P.S StumbleUpon is a large community so have fun and play nice, SU has a zero spamming policy. If this post helped you in anyway you can share it with your network of marketers and bloggers, thanks

-Brandon V. Espinoza